June 10, 2020

Pietà by Tylonn J. Sawyer

This piece of art really spoke to me. A friend shared it on Facebook and I had to do some reverse image searching to find the artist. Lo and behold he is from Detroit, not far from where I grew up. 

72” x 48” 
Oil on canvas 

Lisa Simpson Seems to Get It

June 9, 2020

Some Kind Of...

September 16, 2015

2 Shadys 1 Guitar

October 15, 2014

Ideal Coffee Configuration

Right now my ideal coffee making configuration is using the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker, the Cuisinart Conical Burr Mill, and some frothed milk using an Aerolatte Milk Frother. Overall the quality of coffee that I am getting is exceptional. I have been experimenting with different ways of using the Aeropress and so far my favorite is the inverted method of brewing as it is easier for me to keep things clean, plus it feels as though there is less pressure on a perfect filter placement.
My favorite coffee roast is actually straight out of my neighborhood. J&S Bean Factory has a roast called "Steve's Smokey Double Dark" which is about my favorite roast in the world.  My second favorite is the medium roast out of Good Turn Coffee. So, if you get a chance I highly recommend placing an order for either roast.